Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez' Spa

Spa Sezz By Payot

It was indeed Dr Nadia Payot, the beauty philosopher, who was struck by the difference between the youthful appearance of the dancer’s body and the signs of ageing on her face. Dr Payot developed a beauty philosophy based on movement, facial “physical culture” (exercise), and essential skin care products.

Payot, the embodiment of these very values, today offers a complete range of facials and body treatments based on the use of unique sculpting massages, such as the 42-Movement Facial Protocol alongside consumer products which combine innovation, results and pleasure. Dr Nadia Payot’s legacy lives on now as never before…

The Spa Sezz by Payot, for its first representation in Saint-Tropez, is an invitation to feel very essence of well-being: two inside treatment rooms, one outside massage space, Jacuzzi, steam room, sunrise and sunset yoga lessons.

The Spa by Payot at Sezz Saint-Tropez: a care treatment and relaxation for a moment of luxury and pleasure.

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