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The Sezz Logo: its graphic roots revealed

The Sezz Logo: its graphic roots revealed

A logo has become an essential brand identity for a hotel. Born out of thorough and well-planned creative research, it is often characterised by special symbolism. Today, we’ll return to the creation of the Sezz Paris logo – a logo that certainly wasn’t chosen randomly.


Sezz for 16th...

As an anecdote to the district in which the hotel is located, the name "Sezz" evokes, phonetically speaking in french, the "SEIZE" (16). A largely residential neighbourhood that is considered one of the most beautiful in the capital, the 16th serves as showcase for our 4-star luxury hotel which is in a quiet and privileged area near the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero.


ZZ ..... the sign of a peaceful sleep

The Sezz logo hasn’t quite finished revealing its little secrets. The use of the double letter "Z" is intended to refer to a person who sleeps deeply and soundly. This form of onomatopoeia is often used in cartoons to illustrate sleep. By the way, do you know the true origin of this onomatopoeia? It comes from the English expression "to sleep like a log" (to sleep like a log, meaning to sleep deeply). In our British neighbours, the successive ZZ is said to evoke the sound of the saw cutting a log without disturbing the sleeper.


Little bubbles of happiness

Look closely at our logo and you will also notice three small bubbles rising diagonally. They are there to remind you of the sweet dreams that you will enjoy each night that you stay in our hotel. In one of the bubbles, the number 16 refers to the 16th, of course - the arrondissement where quietude and serenity reign, inviting you to sink into the arms of Morpheus for peaceful nights filled with sweet dreams.


Welcome to Sezz !


Sezz Paris, a 4 star luxury and design hotel in Paris

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