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Sezz Paris: a world of design

Sezz Paris: a world of design

Elegance, modernity, casual sophistication – the spirit of the Sezz is reflected in its imaginative design framework devised by designer Christophe Pillet.  Elegant lines, unique materials, thoughtful lighting, nothing has been left to chance by this former collaborator of Phillippe Stark who has found a showcase for his talent and flair in the heart of Passy.

In homage to Paris

The initial place that the designer wanted to honour was of course Paris, the most beautiful city in the world.  First, the colours of Paris – evoking the grey shiny zinc Parisian rooftops that vary in brightness in accordance with the sky.  Grey Cascais stone has been used to create walls and floors that beautifully complement the varnished oak floors and black lacquered furniture giving rooms a sober but very elegant feel.  Chic shades of grey are stylish and contemporary, while the blazing green or red of carpets brings warmth to the room and allows guests to take pleasure in unearthing unique details.

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness

For it is in the details that the true soul of a place can be found. In the small ‘extras’ that we offer guests for a night, a weekend or a week. The red spot of a night table, the white curve of a vase, the green leaf of a plant or the play of light on the room. Our designer wanted your nights to be soft and serene – even the bathrooms are synonymous with joy and relaxation: basins with sharp angles, gracefully curved taps, switches and handles – you’ll find harmony everywhere. And isn’t it great to emerge from a delicately scented bath to feel the soft, thick carpet underfoot before preparing to descend to enjoy one last glass of champagne in the intimate ambience and superb design of our bar, La Grande Dame? sezz-design


Sezz Paris, a luxury 5 star design hotel near the Eiffel Tower

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