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Sezz and Poulage Perfumes - a beautiful meeting

Sezz and Poulage Perfumes - a beautiful meeting

During your next trip to Paris, enjoy a stay at the Hotel Sezz and discover Poulage Perfumes, our brand partner. The hotel is conveniently located close to the Eiffel Tower and it offers the perfect setting for your extraordinary olfactory adventure.

Vitrine POULAGEA love of beautiful materials

Sezz Paris and Poulage Perfumes were made for each other. Known for its uniqueness and originality, the Hotel caters primarily to customers in search of new experiences and developments. Its services and amenities have been chosen to offer fulfilment to those who want to escape into a glamorous cocoon of urban high-tech living. The hotel’s discretion delights guests who prefer a universe that is refined and intimate and an atmosphere that is urbane and worldly. Like the Sezz, Poulage Perfumes has an abiding love of beautiful materials. The hotel was created from Shahé Kalaidjian’s talent and love of architecture while the perfume label is the harmonious and imaginative creation of Parisian perfumer, traveller and acclaimed nose, Stephanie Poulage.

Original and refined fragrances

Poulage perfumes are distinguished by their rich, natural fragrances. The 4 signature scents are original and poetic, stylish and utterly addictive and each of these timeless fragrances gives free rein to the olfactory imagination. They evoke a dreamlike sense of exotic places while preserving the tradition of elegance of the classical French perfumery. In each fragrance, we discover the imaginative spirit of their creator, who was able to draw on her passion for distant horizons and her love of precious ingredients to compose these refined and original olfactory treasures.

An invitation to travel with Poulage

During your stay in Paris, you will be able to buy Odora di Femina, Liquid Time, Ubiquite and Supreme Orient perfumes directly from the hotel. Close your eyes and bask in the subtle essence of each creation; Turkish rose from Senir, spicy black pepper from India, vetiver from Madagascar, cloves from Nosy Be, everlasting absolute from Corsica, and essence of mate from Brazil. Each of the clear glass bottles is adorned with an 18 carat gold silk-screened label. Leather covers in 4 complementary colours are sold separately and they have the advantage of being approved by airlines for travel in the cabin.


Rates :

  • Ubiquité EDT 75ml : 96 euros TTC
  • Liquid Time EDT 75ml : 98 euros TTC
  • Suprême Orient EDP 75ml : 117 euros TTC
  • Odora di Femina EDP 75ml : 119 euros TTC
  • Étui cuir authentique vachette finition grainée (blanc ou rouge grenade ou chocolat ou bleu nuit) : 62 euros TTC

Sezz Paris, a luxury 5 star design hotel near the Eiffel Tower

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