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Paris taxis, unavoidable in Paris

Paris taxis, unavoidable in Paris

This is your first stay in the French capital, and you want to know how to use the taxis?  Here are a few clues and tips on how to identify a taxi in Paris.  

How to recognise a Parisian taxi ?

Different car models are used as taxis in Paris, but every taxi in the capital is instantly recognisable from the ‘TAXI’ sign on its roof. You’re probably wondering how to tell if the taxi is busy or available. A simple colour code enables you to spot the difference, and a taxi will indicate that it is free for hire with a green light, while a red light means that it is in use.  If you can’t see the data because it is covered with a sheath it means that the taxi is in ‘pause’ mode.

Finally, be sure that the car that you get into is a real Parisian taxi. All genuine Paris taxis are equipped with a clock or counter which displays the price of the journey. They also have a plaque with the taxi number displayed prominently on the right front fender of the vehicle.


PARIS TAXIS – a useful and practical application

Paris City Hall has come up with a very practical solution to enable you to find a taxi quickly and easily in the capital.  PARIS TAXIS is a completely free application which can be downloaded to your smartphone. It operates in real time and can identify all free taxis that are close to 120 stations in the city. By using PARIS TAXIS your waiting time is reduced as the drivers can quickly identify customers who are waiting at these stations.

  Hotel Sezz Paris – Taxis parisiens Hotel Sezz Paris – Taxis Parisiens  

Rates for Parisian taxis

Prices are calculated using the meter and are worked out for each journey depending on distance travelled, and the date, place and time. You will want to know the cost of each journey from the starting point if you book a taxi in town, and the practical and sensible PARIS TAXIS app allows you to easily select the closest station.

And of course, at the Sezz Hotel your Personal Assistant will listen to your needs and help you to choose the taxi that offers the best price for your journey. As we stated earlier when referring to the relative cost, each trip is charged from the outset.


Sezz Paris, a luxury and design hotel near the Eiffel Tower


Photos Taxis Parisiens @ Jacques Lebar, Office de Tourisme de Paris

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