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Meet Stéphanie Poulage

Meet Stéphanie Poulage

For one and a half years, the Sezz Paris has enjoyed a partnership with Parisian designer, Stéphanie Poulage, creator of a range of elegant and timeless perfumes. Meet a true enthusiast.


1) Where does this passion for perfumery come from? What is her background?

Stéphanie admits that she was captivated by the effect of fragrance from an early age. Smells enchant and excite her and transport her to different worlds. After reading an article on the subject at the age of 13, she realised that a career as a parfumier was a possibility.  Stéphanie studied chemistry and went on to pass the entrance exam for the prestigious ISIPCA school of perfumery with flying colours. Her love of creation and the prospect of a unique olfactory journey pushed her to achieve more. And that’s why, after working with Rochas and Procter & Gamble, she decided to create her own brand with her partner, Gaétan Ferté.


2) What is the concept behind her perfume brand?

Each fragrance she designs is unique and is inspired by Stéphanie’s own life and personal world. The choice of natural raw materials is the most important factor. She combines ingredients to create delicately balanced fragrances that are enhanced by the natural warmth and odour of the skin.


3) What is her inspiration when it comes to choosing perfume ingredients ? And what are the names of her fragrances?

Each fragrance is the crystallisation of a thought, a sensation or an emotion.

The perfume Ubiquité transports us to summer with its vibrant blend of heat and spiky freshness. It’s the scent of happiness.

For Liquid Time, Stephanie imagines what her ideal man might smell like. A woody, spicy blend that is the scent of that special someone.

When she wears Odora di Femina, Stéphanie feels as if she’s reaching for a wedding dress. A romantic floral blend, a testament to femininity and a fragrance that makes women feel truly beautiful.

Finally, for Supreme Orient, Stephanie took her inspiration from the exotic lands of India and Arabia. Spicy, oriental and dynamic, a classic perfume that transcends time and space.


4) Why did you choose a partnership with the Sezz?

It was through a chance neighbourhood encounter with Shahé Kalaidjian that Stéphanie discovered the Sezz Paris. Shahé was enchanted by Stéphanie’s fragrant universe and offered her a partnership. She identifies with the Sezz as a prestigious brand that likes to offer its customers the privilege of a unique and confidential experience.


5) Finally, what perfume does Stéphanie wear?

Stephanie alternates her perfumes and considers each fragrance an integral part of herself. Each corresponds to a particular emotion or mood. And her business partner wears mostly Liquid Time.

Stéphanie Poulage offers 4 unique perfumes that you can discover during your stay at Sezz Paris.



  • Ubiquité EDT 75ml: 96 euros including tax
  • Liquid Time EDT 75ml: 98 euros including VAT
  • Supreme East EDP 75ml: 117 euros TTC
  • Odora di Femina EDP 75ml: 119 euros including VAT


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