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Luxury Design hotel Paris : Contemporary Art at Sezz

Luxury Design hotel Paris : Contemporary Art at Sezz

Luxury Design Hotel Paris : opened in 2005 between the Village of Passy and the Bir-Hakeim bridge, the Sezz Hotel was designed in perfect harmony by its director Shahé Kalaidjian, who is passionate about contemporary art, and acclaimed designer Christophe Pillet. Luxury materials combine with the beauty of the space, and its elegant atmosphere allows visitors to feel perfectly at home, surrounded by contemporary art.

Luxury Design hotel Paris : a unique welcome for guests

The Sezz, Luxury Design Hotel Paris ,  is based on a new concept - the end of the 'separation wall' that was the reception desk. Each visitor is welcomed as a guest by a personal assistant who responds to his or her expectations and offers advice and recommendations. The Sezz combines precious materials in a beautiful space in a subtle and refined way. There are no confined areas; instead large open spaces are abundant, with 20 square metre rooms and suites of up to 70 square metres. Beautiful Cascais stone is used throughout the lobby and the bar - the flooring evokes the look of marble with its rich veins and seams, while the walls shimmer with changing reflections like slate. The flooring in the rooms is deep black, rich and elegant.

Sophistication is not limited to the magnificent decor, guests at Hotel Sezz can enjoy a myriad of pleasures including the great Clicquot wines in the house bar 'La Grande Dame' a space that has been designed exclusively for the hotel. Guests can also indulge in the care and pampering offered by the elegant Spa by Payot.


Contemporary art at the Sezz

At the Sezz you will not encounter the usual reproductions that can be seen everywhere else. Instead, you will discover original works, which in turn can promote lively dialogue and discussion. The hotel is delighted to present three outstanding photographers. You can see the 'Eiffel Tower' by Emmanuelle Bousquet, a photographer who also explores self-image through numerous self-portraits. See the Bir-Hakeim bridge as photographed by Claudia Mojica Sorbac. During her travels, the artist learned how to seize the great opportunities afforded by the cities she visited - their growth and demolition, and the fascinating play of reflections in their windows and mirrors. You will also discover the work of "photographic memory" as depicted by Stacie McCormick. Entitled "Unforgetting" it bears the traces of the establishment that preceded the Sezz, a Best Western Hotel lovingly held by the same couple for over 40 years.

  Luxury Design Hotel Paris - Sezz Hotel

The Falling Vase

Contemporary Art at Hotel Sezz : The Falling Vase

You will also enjoy an amazing visual experience with the 'Falling Vase' created by the Swedish collective Front Design. Since 2003, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren have been designing objects that question the notion of design. The 'Falling Vase' is part of a project presented during the Cologne Furniture Fair in 2010, where objects defy the laws of matter and gravity, such as a piece of furniture with drawers that appears to levitate, or a bench that seems to have the texture of wood, but is in fact a soft and flexible material. The 'Falling Vase' shows a vase falling, deconstructed through the movement of that fall, and creating the impression that here, movement and object are as one.


Enjoy contemporary art at the Sezz, a luxury design hotel Paris

In the Sezz Hotel, Luxury Design Hotel Paris , located at 6 avenue Frémiet in the sixteenth arrondissement, you are certain to feel relaxed and at home. You can forge an intimate dialogue with contemporary art in a comfortable and luxurious setting that will heighten the senses, delight the eye and stimulate the mind.


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