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In your bathroom, the subtle harmony of Acqua di Parma

In your bathroom, the subtle harmony of Acqua di Parma

To complement your bathroom, the Sezz Paris has chosen some of the world’s most refined beauty products. Acqua di Parma is the height of Italian elegance, a subtle evocation of the sumptuous art city which Stendhal had fallen in love with and that he made the eternal theatre of his Chartreuse.

A requirement of creativity

The bathrooms of the Sezz Paris are designed to emulate a corner of paradise, a fact that even Baudelaire surely wouldn’t deny. Here, according to his famous verse, everything is calm, luxurious and voluptuous. The products we’ve chosen to enhance a room that is dedicated to beauty have been carefully selected to meet the requirement for perfection and creativity that is apparent throughout the hotel. Plus, it’s no coincidence that of all the brands available, the Sezz Paris has opted for one that combines its own criteria for quality with fineness and sophistication.

Inheritance and ancestral knowledge

At the beginning of the last century, we find ourselves in the old village of Parma, a wonderful place that is celebrated by Verdi. Imagine if you will, a laboratory, a lair where the old alchemists rule in the shadows of stills and where delicate fragrances fill the air. This is where the master perfumers, heirs of ancestral knowledge, will develop a smooth, fresh scent that is made from rare, natural ingredients.

An exclusive sensory signature

The incomparable spirit of this timeless creation has seduced generations of connoisseurs and continues to captivate new fans with an air of elegance and sophistication that is never brash nor flashy. Revisit the classics in contemporary style at Sezz Paris; Acqua di Parma remains faithful to its heritage and to values that are rooted in Italian tradition. It offers a unique expression of an authentic style and essential balance in an innately distinctive fragrance. The Sezz Paris is delighted to offer you a timeless scent that is sure to bring memorable moments of pleasure and happiness.


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