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For Valentine's Day – a stroll to the Museum of Romantic Life

For Valentine's Day – a stroll to the Museum of Romantic Life

The Museum of Romantic Life couldn’t be any more beautiful. Housed in the Hotel Scheffer-Renan, a charming hotel particulier that was once the home of the Dutch painter, Ary Scheffer (1795-1858), the museum is nestled on the rue Chaptal in the heart of Pigalle. The district, once nicknamed the ‘New Athens’ was frequented by the period’s most famous artists and romantics and the pretty museum-pavilion stands at the end of a paved courtyard surrounded by gardens filled with lilacs and roses. The Sezz Paris suggests a Valentine’s Day visit.


A museum in the most relevant Parisian art district of its time

The Museum of Romantic Life recalls a time when the house welcomed some of the world’s greatest artists – men and women who were distinguished within their fields. From Dickens to Rossini via Delacroix and Chopin to Georges Sand, whose spirit haunts the entire ground floor, romantic art is omnipresent here.


On the ground floor – an intimate encounter with Georges Sand

Visitors meet George Sand (1804-1876) on the ground floor through a collection of personal effects that belonged to the novelist, playwright and Muse to Musset.  A free and independent woman, Sand made music her passion but became interested in all the arts. Paintings, jewellery and personal objects; we’re able to immerse ourselves in the private life of the novelist in a living room that recalls those at her family residence at the Château de Nohant in Indre where she completed many of her works. End your visit in the ‘small blue room’ where you’ll discover the ‘dentrites’ a watercolour technique that fascinated the writer throughout her life.


On the first floor - the estate of Ary Scheffer


The master occupied the upper floor and that’s where his paintings are displayed alongside works by some of his contemporaries. Scheffer’s works include several that were inspired literary themes as well as portraits of his family, including his daughter Cornelia. There is also a selection of paintings of the Royal family under the Duc d’Orleans thanks to his friendship with the future King Louis-Philippe.

Finish this wonderful journey through time with a walk in the garden – the greenhouse that was the former workshop of the painter Ary Scheffer is now the setting for temporary exhibitions.



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