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FIAC 2016, discover the world of contemporary art

FIAC 2016, discover the world of contemporary art

The Grand Palais will host the 43rd edition of FIAC from 20th to 23rd October 2016. The International Contemporary Art Fair is an annual event that celebrates modern and contemporary art and design and promotes new and emerging talent. This unique and highly popular show illuminates the capital each autumn as the world meets under the famous nave. With thousands of artists taking part and 200 exhibitors from around the globe, it’s an event well worth discovering during your stay at Sezz Paris.


An unmissable artistic fixture

What a long way FIAC has come since the first show took place in the disused Bastille station back in 1974.  Now held at the Grand Palais, home to FIAC since 1977, the event has become the place to meet for international collectors, gallery owners, enthusiasts and lovers of modern art and contemporary art and design. You will discover personal exhibitions in the design sector. In addition to the exhibition galleries in the nave and on the first floor, FIAC is now invading the VIP Lounge, a new area of ​1200 m2 right at the heart of this historic building. You will have the chance to admire a sculptural light work by Wu Tsang, entitled "Pay No Attention to the man behind the curtain" that is inspired by the quote from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.


FIAC "Outside the Walls"

An "Outside the Walls" programme takes place in a range of exciting locations including the Tuileries Gardens, the Botanical Gardens, Place Vendome, and the banks of the River Seine, as well as in museums such as the Pompidou Centre, the Palais de Tokyo and the Palace of Versailles. These side projects take the form of exhibitions, courses, lectures and artists' film screenings and they express FIAC’s aim to strengthen and sustain its identity by putting its stamp on some of the most prestigious sites in Paris.



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