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Discover the Parisian Croissant

Discover the Parisian Croissant

Paris is well-known as the City of Love, but it’s also the City for Gourmets. From salty to sweet, from cheese straws to macaroons and more, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you love cakes and pastries. The Sezz Paris invites you to discover the classic Parisian croissant that’s famous all over the world. Boulangerie Julien in the 1st arrondissement welcomed us to present their croissants!


Preparation of the dough…

Saliou PHIAO has been the baker at Julien’s for 9 years and he’s going to share his secrets with us. To successfully create the perfect Parisian croissant, preparation must begin the day before. Flour, yeast, salt, sugar, water and milk are mixed by mechanical blades in a large vat to fully incorporate all the ingredients and create the dough. Once the preparation is done, the dough needs to rest for the night until Saliou returns the next day. The second phase beings at 5 a.m.  Butter is added and the dough is folded over on itself several times. Then, it’s necessary for the dough to rest for half an hour before it can grow - an amazing transformation takes place and the dough doubles in size!



That will become croissants!

How do you make croissants from the dough? Saliou answers us with a photograph. Each day, Saliou and his apprentice prepare nearly 80 kilos of croissants! Like most of the capital’s bakeries, they’re helped by a machine that will smooth the dough and cut it into triangles.



Once the dough is cut, Saliou and his apprentice work on every triangle to turn them into croissants. They work so fast, it’s impressive!



After half an hour of baking, croissants come out of the hoven, warm and golden. They are ready to settle in the bakery’s windows, next to chocolate croissants, financier, apple turnovers, éclair, and macaroons of all kinds… Bon appétit!


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