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All set for the Paris Motor Show

All set for the Paris Motor Show

Paris Motor Show, the year’s key event for car lovers takes place from 1st to 16th October near Sezz Paris. You’ll find the world’s leading brands, the most gleaming bodywork, the most finely tuned engines and the most extensive range of cars over 15 days of sheer enjoyment at the Porte de Versailles. And if you feel a little guilty about indulging your love of cars, tell yourself that each visit is purely for information in case unseen circumstances require you to change your car.


Bodywork, powerful engines and leather interiors

If the biggest brands descend on the Porte de Versailles, it is, of course, because they hope to sell more vehicles. However, participation in this important event also enhances the prestige of the brand. Even those with little interest in car mechanics flock to the show to explore the latest models and exciting concept cars. A sea of gleaming chrome and sparkling bodywork illustrates the marvels of car design and Porsche and Maserati are just a couple of the famous brands who add secret finishing touches in their workshops before unveiling their latest models at the Paris Motor Show. It’s just impossible to resist the allure of this thrilling exhibition!



When cars get in on the act!

There are lots of great events for you to discover at this edition of the Paris Motor Show. However, children in particular are sure to love the "Cars in Film" exhibition. Set up to mimic part of a film studio, the exhibit features iconic cars like the Ghostbusters Cadillac and the French 2CV driven by James Bond in ‘For Your Eyes Only’ alongside iconic vehicles like the 2CV gomobile, the type H Louis La Brocante and many more. Fulfill your dreams with a journey to the heart of cinema before returning to the comfort and tranquillity of your room at the Sezz Paris.


Sezz Paris, a 4 star luxury and design hotel in Paris

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